Friday, March 6, 2015

Semir-Retirment Life Transition Report

The vision for the New and Improved Semi-Retired Lifestyle (Now with 50% more Transition Power!) preceded the implementation for quite a period.  First I dealt with the business partnership blow up in the Summer.  Then there was the 'Drool-a-saurus' virus in November.  Then the Grand Family Christmas and Reunion in December.  Then we had Wife with the Flu in January along with the lingering Pulisha clan multi occupations.  In February there was the two weeks of jury duty.

However, February and March (in spite of the jury duty) have been real tests of the new lifestyle schedule and I'm calling it a real winner.  As I sorted through what I wanted for this new stage of my life, I settled on a number of things that I wanted as part of a new schedule and equilibrium.  These included:
  1. A overall less packed time schedule - both daily and weekly - leading to a more rested life
  2. A sustainable exercise program consistent with #1
  3. Working half time and making the appropriate money from that work while only working on things and with people that I really enjoy
  4. Picking up a share of household responsibilities that would make Wife feel things were fair
  5. Finding and spending time doing things that were enjoyable (not work)
So how am I doing?

Pretty good I'd say.

Less Time Packed Schedule - The daily/weekly schedule is definitely more relaxed.  I've made a point of setting time aside to exercise within the work week and I have given up getting up at ridiculously early hours to do so.  No 10/12 hour work days either.  No work on weekends.  (These last two are occasionally broken). All these have reduced energy drain substantially.

Exercise - This is going real well.  I am hiking a couple of days a week (always during the week not the weekend).  My focus on hiking is an exercise tool, not hiking to go places and or go further and higher.  So I'm pretty disciplined about the amount of time and type of hikes I do.  Then I'm doing a workout that combines yoga (stretching) and abdominal and upper body work twice a week as well.  That seems to be the optimum.  As you get older you need more recuperation time.  If I do more, I seem to get hurt.  I'm feeling really good doing this regime.

Working - I've got a nice stable of clients that I enjoy.  I'm only networking (marketing) with those that I feel really fit what I'm trying to do.  No illusions of grandeur.  Making money.  All good.

Household - I have my jobs.  Wife even said she was feeling guilty I was doing too much!  That's cool.  I can let go of stuff.

Doing Enjoyable Stuff - Been doing lots of travel planning and we have our first big trip around the corner.  Cooking has been good (need to write a separate post about that).  The Story is the biggie.  I'm totally pumped about it and it will be a long and very enjoyable project.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I am delighted to hear how much you're enjoying your life right now.

alexis said...

I like your precise, methodical approach to retirement. :)

terri said...

I doubt that many entering this stage of life put as much thought into it as you have. You're destined to have a successful retirement, I think, because you're contemplating and documenting what's important to you and plans for making it all work.