Saturday, February 1, 2014

Banned From The Super Bowl

I have a unique ability.  Any team that I like and that I root for on any media while actually playing loses.  They can be doing real well and I will turn on the game and inevitably stuff starts to turn.  Since this can lead to lots of sports unhappiness, I generally record anything I'm interested in, check to see if my team won, and if they've won I watch the game.  Since games have all kinds of twists and turns there is still the excitement of seeing how the end came about and I don't have to deal with the frustration of my ability/curse.

Good Sandia Outfitters client, Gaius Derf (this guy has more lives that a litter of cats!) is a BIG Seattle Seahawks fan going back to his having grown up in the Seattle area.  I promised him I would not watch the NFC finals.  I did put on the game in the fourth quarter.  Seattle was up but as soon as I started to watch, San Francisco was coming back.  I turned it off on that final drive, enabling the tide to turn and Seattle to make the final interception.

Derf is banning me from any type of activity involving following tomorrow's game.  I'm not sure how he's going to enforce this but he does have Agent W so there's no telling what types of surveillance and counter measures he could employ.

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alexis said...

you should put this talent to work for you. I am sure there are betting agencies in Vegas who'd love to hear from you.