Sunday, February 2, 2014

Magical Unicorn Pony God of Travel Terrorism

Evidently if you are a minor deity, you can have no honor.  No code of behavior.  You can stoop to levels that no respectful major deity would ever consider.

The Magical Unicorn Pony God of Travel has been having the snot knocked out of it by de-I's relentless travel warfare responses.  So what did it do?  It attacked an innocent bystander in a pure act of terrorism. 

Wife is on her way back to Imperial Albuquerque from Grandma duty with the latest offspring of Honorable Pu daughter #2.  She was flying back through Chicago.  But a crew member didn't show up.  Then it was found that the crew member had never been assigned.  Then while they were looking for a crew member, one of the pilots timed out.  Now they needed to replace the pilot too.

I was able to talk Wife through the use of her marital Premier Gold status to get rebooked going through Denver (there's only one direct flight to Albuquerque on this airline daily).  She was supposed to be home at Noon and will get in around 8:30 this evening.  I suppose this is a small victory because if Wife didn't get this flight, there were no open seats until Tuesday!


Bernice said...

Wow, I hope she made it home at 8:30.

alexis said...

holy crap, yes - did she make it home? I guess it is nice they at least said the reason for the delay. It can be so frustrating when they don't tell you anything.