Friday, January 31, 2014

Construction Update

Wife is due to come back Sunday.  Yea!  She likes that I become so very appreciative of what she does when she's gone.  Just adding a fraction of the stuff she takes care of to my own normal work load usually means that the days are fulled to brimming with work and stuff.

Meanwhile the construction continues.  They got the roof on earlier than they thought.  They've put in the electrical.  Next week the sliding glass doors come in and the room will be closed off.  Then we move into the kitchen.  They will remove a large pantry cabinet that is being cut down some and our center island.  Then they will be start chipping out the old tile.

The new addition fully framed out

Roof on

Electrical in

Cuts in the concrete slab for the doors


JRR said...

PNM has completed work on the new supplementary power station required to meet the expanded P Tower's new electricity requirements. Direct pipeline from NM gas is behind schedule.

alexis said...

wow, so cool to see the drawings on paper realized in 3d.