Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Solitude

Wife and I are still getting back on track after our trip.  It was not just the jet lag.  We also both caught colds.  And the sort of sensory, emotional overload of being with the #2's as they were running around like crazy trying to get everything arranged for them to return to the US from Manila on the same day we were coming home just ground us down*.  

As a result we have been in major hermit mode since we got back and there was no thought at all at putting out any type of Christmas decorations.  In fact it was quite weird to suddenly be immersed in Christmas after spending the last three weeks in a pretty much Christmas absent environment.  We had two invitations from friends to participate in their Christmas activities but neither Wife nor I really wanted to do anything with anyone.  So we went to a matinee and saw the latest Hobbit movie (too bad they are stretching this into three movies as it means they are just filling time in with long drawn out battle scenes that just slows down the flow of the story and plot) and then came home and made our traditional Christmas pizza.

It came out great.  We are really getting the pizza making thing down to a science.

Hope everyone else had a lovely day whether it was with others or by yourselves.

*No negatives being put on the #2's by this.  We had made our reservations a year before and then #2 got pregnant earlier than she thought she would and their schedule got changed dramatically.  I think if both they and us were a little clearer headed it would have helped all parties if we had gone to a hotel those last couple of days but hindsight is 20-20


terri said...

Sounds like you got a little stretched-thin with your travels. I know you have no regrets, but I can understand the need to just keep things simple upon your return.

So glad you got to spend time with your loved ones. I know those times are precious. Merry Christmas to you, my friend, belated though it may be!

alexis said...

sounds like a lovely xmas to me! I am glad it worked out with our rotation that you guys were on holiday while we were staying here.