Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wife Stuff

It has been many a year since Wife and I have been able to hike together. She hurt her foot almost 7 years ago and since then hiking has been off the activity list...until recently.

She started doing work on the foothills about five months ago and then, as I posted earlier, she announced that she wanted to go with me when AinA and FH went hiking last Wednesday.

We went again today. I'm really excited that this activity that we loved doing together will be back in our lives.

While we were out we were befriended by three very playful dogs
Unfortunately this was on a fairly steep slope so it was a bit nerve racking
Orchids - Wife has been trying for years to get orchids to grow with no success. Last fall she resorted to buying some cheap, on sale, looking like they were dead orchids from Lowes.

Lowe and behold (yuk, yuk). They bloomed!


heyojules said...

That's exciting that she's hiking again! It's great when your significant other is into your favorite hobby as much as you are.

Styling with Renee Michelle said...

Wow, that's terrific! Andrew and I share a hobby of Star Trek, which we also share with our Star Trek group. But he'd love it if I'd ever hike with him. (Do you think that'll ever happen?)

Lakeview Coffee Joe said...

Nice for the both of you! I'm not sure about hiking where there are coyotes, but as long as Gloria is faster than you, it's all good.

de-I said...

RSM - She who sweats not - I don't think so.

terri said...

That's wonderful that your wife can join you again!

The orchids are beautiful! I can't' grow much of anything in this house. The cats don't allow it.

alexis said...

that is so exciting that you guys can hike again! slow and steady wins most physical ailment races.

WeaselMomma said...

A. I hope the foot keeps getting stronger daily.
B. Those dogs look like fun playmates.
3. Love those beautiful orchids!

Mike said...

Glad wife is out and about with you again. Always more fun when you bring a companion along.

Also, congrats to her on the flowers! Everything I touch dies.

stef said...

The orchids are gorgeous!