Saturday, March 27, 2010

Holy War on the Freezer

I love to make use of everything...not let things go to waste. So during growing seasons, we freeze produce. When we make a large amount of anything, we freeze the surplus. The problem is that our freezers (we have two refrigerators) are not really organized in any fashion where you can find things. So stuff tends to be pushed to the back. Also defrosting requires pre-planning which rarely takes place. The result is a slow accumulation of products.

With a desire to be frugal, I have declared holy war on the contents of my freezer and will show no mercy to those food items that have thought they could hide for ever in the recesses of the freezer - veritable sleeper cells. No! They shall be rooted out and exposed for all to see...and consume.

Our sweep has uncovered two kinds of tomatoes (puree and confit) plus some corn.

I make a mirepoix (carrots, celery, and onion) which I saute with some chopped up kalamata olives

I've sauteed until crisp some batons of cured Italian sausage first to flavor the oil.

Garlic and rosemary (from the garden - it stays green through the winter)

Dry vermouth is always in the refrigerator to provide the necessary alcohol flavor solvent

Flavorings and vermouth in the mirepoix
Now in go the tomatoes, corn (cut off the cob), and some washed and drained black beans.

I served it with fluffy mashed potatoes (thank you potato ricer) with the crisp salami batons on the top


Styling with Renee Michelle said...

It's amazing how many things accumulate in the corners of the freezer. I'm in the process of emptying mine completely. The stand-along freezer was emptied this weekend; we still need to eat a lot of spaghetti sauce in the next three weeks...

That stew looks terrific.

terri said...

I'm quite sure nothing quite so appetizing could be created from the contents of my freezer.

alexis said...

that looks great - I LOVE the cook along with pictures posts :)

Bernice said...

I am working on my freezer contents also. Nothing as exotic as your cooking, but I did make mashed potatoes the other day, where I usually put frozen spinach in it. Instead I thawed the shredded zucchini. Didn't taste as good.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do it! Even after the step by step instructions. It looks good though, as always!

Pulisha said...

It's amazing how that happens. I only have one freezer to keep track of, and I am always pulling things out that have mysteriously appeared! At least your discoveries turned into something beautiful and tasty!