Thursday, February 8, 2018

On Becoming An Eminence Gris

My fascination with the transformations related to the transition process continue apace. Every time I think I've reached a kind plateau where I can say, "Ah, I've arrived. I can just enjoy this for the next X years until I die" still new revelations occur.

I'm sure you remember my post of February 22, 2015, An End To Tilting At Windmills, (because I know you are faithfully maintaining a searchable database of all my blog posts...right? really are doing that...You're Not?...How could you not?...sigh 😢) where I spoke about my life long battle with the dragon ego.

The happy ending to that story was the realization that this was not just some simple issue of lack of recognition for accomplishment, but a deep seeded, karmic attitude that I literally came into the world with and which I could therefore joyfully jettison. Okay now fast forward to 2018.

I've been out in the world doing my business thing with new enthusiasm as I reported last month. In the course of doing so, I have noticed something. I am getting all kinds of kudos because of all my experience and accomplishments and knowledge, blah, blah, blah. You know RECOGNITION. The damn thing my ego yelled in my head for my whole life I wasn't getting.

What the BLEEP is this! Now that I go about my business life not really giving a damn, I have seemed to morph into some eminence gris. Crazy. Who knows what will happen next?

But with no attachment to it, I have to admit it is kind of fun LOL!


alexis said...

it's like what they say about love, or a boiling pot. It happens when you stop looking

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

To provide balance, I'll do my best to ignore any advice or wisdom you share with me when I visit.

Bernice said...

That is food for thought. Guess I should not use that metaphor for a foodie like you. Actually that is very interesting.