Tuesday, February 13, 2018

And On The Joys Of Expert Knowedge

I remember reading an article a long time ago about expert knowledge. The article contended that while many, many types of skills and capabilities diminish with age, one class of skills does not. In fact it just gets better and better with age. This is called expert knowledge. Expert Knowledge is the base of knowledge that comes from one having worked in a particular area of expertise for so long that one develops such a deep experiential base - meaning not just facts but how various patterns work or don't work. This allows a person to understand the logical possibilities for problem-solving in a fraction of the time that it would take a person without that depth of knowledge.

I remember  thinking at the time, "Well at least that's ONE THING to look forward to about the aging process." And of course never really thought about it again. Until the last couple of months.

As I have been going through my renewed enjoyment of the work portion of my transitioned life, I have become aware of these situations where I will be in a meeting, someone brings up a particular subject, problem or challenge and out of my mouth will pour this rather fully formed blast of information that is totally appropriate for what has been brought up. Often I'm rather amazed. It's not that I have to think a lot about these responses. It's as if based upon the stimulus of the question, a door to preformed solutions is opened and they just pop out. And I'll have this realization, "Ah, so this is what they were talking about...expert knowledge."

I have to tell you, it feels pretty damn good. Not in an ego way but as the feeling you get whenever you've worked hard at something to the point that the execution of it almost seems effortless. Sort of makes up a bit for the continuous frustrations of one's body going downhill HA!


alexis said...

I read about this as well. Something indeed to look forward to!!

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I can feel this in a tiny way at my job. I ran a conference this month that I last did three years ago. Part of my role is to give suggestions to departments facing declining student enrollments. I had many more useful things to say this time around. It would be great if my whole job was like that.