Wednesday, January 31, 2018

We Are Rocking!!!!

I would love to take some kind of credit for how things are going at the moment but in all truth I'm not really sure why things are going so well.

I am now in full TRAVEL PLANNING MODE...Oh the Bliss 😂. And yes I know all you skeptics out there were mocking me when I revealed the New and Vastly Improved Travel Planning Algorithm (Now with 30% More planning response time!). But I have to tell you, it has reduced substantially the amount time, communication effort and stress on Wife and I.

In the meantime, work is cruising...I mean cruising. Prospects keep coming in. I've closed a ton. We're in great shape financially. I am filled with energy. AND I am staying totally disciplined on the amount of time and total energy I am putting in work. No backsliding to bad pre-semi-retired life work habits.

It's all very mysterious.

But don't get me wrong. I am going to ride this horse as long as it has the legs to carry me.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

30% more planning response time! Who, erm, would not rejoice over that...

alexis said...

that's awesome to hear dad. Enjoy it