Friday, January 26, 2018

Rein In The Sales Dogs!

Savvy readers will remember that just a couple of months ago I was bemoaning the fact that, I, the great de-I, was going to have to get off my ass and make some sales, that is bring in the dinero to build the bank account up if dearest CFO Wife was going to let me consider ever traveling again.

Well Mister de-I is nothing if not results oriented. So I flung myself full bore into bringing in the new clients.

Well the month of January has seen a slew of new business come down the pike. With no travel expenses to date, our liquid capital base has been building rapidly. I suddenly had the realizaion...

...I had a shit load of work to do and was going to be pressed to get it done before we left on the next trip! Ergo the sales dogs have to be leashed.

You know it took two decades to build up an extensive network of referral sources, and build a compelling marketing message and value proposition. But man I am really enjoying having it as a tool to fuel my transitioned state needs!

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alexis said...

enjoy the fruits of long labor, you've earned it.