Friday, November 3, 2017

Italia 2017 - Of Trulli and Olive Trees

It was our last day in Puglia. We had driven out of the Salento to further north in that region. We were headed to Alberobello, town/region known for its unique old house style called the Trulli. We also were in desperate need to do laundry before we headed out of Italy to the next phase of our trip. Going into the town we found a Laundromat right away.


There was no one there and there was no way we could decipher any of the instructions. Nor could we find any laundry detergent for sale. We decided we'd better get the detergent first. By that time it was almost 1 PM, so we decided to go a bit further into town and find something to eat. We ended up at a very touristy piazza and had an entirely forgetable meal at a touristy place. But at least we saw some of the trulli houses.

Sadly it was so late that we knew we were going to miss wandering through town, exploring and taking pictures of these limestone houses that are unique to this area.

Back to the Laundromat 
I've written about all our experiences, our meetings with people during the course of our travels.
I'd dropped Wife off with the laundry and went back to the car. I found Wife in deep conversation a woman. Wife has this incredible ability to talk with people in English while they are talking in their language. Somehow communication takes place. It is very fascinating to watch. The lovely lady she was talking with...
...showed us everything we needed to know about running the laundromat...which I will note provides the soap automatically hence we didn't need to get detergent at all! With the laundromat solved, Wife decided to wander about and see if there was anything photographic while I watched the washing. 

And behold she did!
For you can hardly walk a quarter of a mile in Alberobello and not run into trulli houses. These were all taken from one short segment that ran up from laundromat

It was late by the time we were done and we went back to our B&B and chilled.

Today it was driving to Rome to spend a night at the airport before we fly off to Albania. But on the way we passed a field of old, old olive trees. Olive oil is the gold of this area. And it has an almost mythical importance and feeling for people here. They speak in hushed tones about the new pressed olive oil which is being done right now with harvest. Olive trees can live a long time and they take on most interesting shapes. I'd been wanting to get some pictures of them but and not seen a set where we could stop. But here on our last day it happened. 

A study of olive trees


Agent W and the Derf said...

The Laundromat Experience was fun to read!! Wife is an amazing lady!!
Glad you were able to spend a little time in the pictures
of the unique houses!
Great pictures of the olive trees and the olives still on the trees!

alexis said...

glad you solved the dirty laundry problem!