Saturday, November 18, 2017

Italia 2017 - Finale in Amsterdam

It has become somewhat of a tradition in our European trips to finish up visiting the #3 family in Amsterdam. As we got together with them in Umbria in October we had in our early planning decided to not go to Amsterdam but return directly from Rome. However, for some unknown reason, the airline I have permanent status on, United, only has seasonal flights out of Rome directly to the US hubs. That meant I was going to have to fly to another European city to get the routing home I wanted. And to do it with the timing I wanted it meant either getting up terribly early to account for the extra flight or going to the other city and staying overnight. Once I decided that getting up super early was not a good idea for us and going to another city the night before was the preferred option, going to Amsterdam where we could see family and not have to pick up another hotel was the attractive option.

If you've followed the blog for any period of time, you are more than aware that our visits to Amsterdam include a repertoire of mandatory required street food along with an equally mandatory number of grandchildren pictures. Despite cold weather, we threw ourselves into it.

We were in full grandparenting mode. You may remember from our day with 3.1 and 3.2 and the massively popular stories made surrounding the picture I took of 3.2 with an orange in her mouth, there was desire to do something similar today.

We are in Amsterdam during a short period of time when olliebollen - fried dough with powdered sugar - is available.
3.2 announces that olliebollen and some other breakfast cake will be served
The announcement is greeted enthusiastically
Coffee is brewed
However, it is important to guard one's olliebollen from the inevitable predators that will seek it out
"Grandpa, are you ready for the fun to start?"
What could be more fun than pictures of orange in the mount?

Olliebollen in the mouth of course. 
But wait there is more!

I would like to point out that certain children, son-in-law, and spouse feel that I may not be the best influence on said grandchildren. 
Meanwhile 3.1 was plotting out our strategy for further street food eatery.

You will recognize our destination from prior posts

YES, it is Frites

It is hard to get into the 'food in the mouth' when it is cold

Wife looks like she's taking a picture
She's actually covering the bare spot on her face with her camera from the wind
Displeasure was shown to certain grandparents enabling grandchildren 
They were told they could eat ater with a fork
I was able to avoid his prohibition and earn some herring
And one can't forget the best doner kebab we've had outside of Turkey (though I hear Berlin is even better)
Our time with our family is too short
We will be winging our way back to the US tomorrow
A seagull contemplates our departing Europe yet again.


Rob said...

Lovely to see you guys as ever, come back soon!!

alexis said...

glad you were able to swing through our neck of the woods! Sorry you missed Sinterklaas by a few hours!

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I am pleased to see you inculcating a love of food and of irreverence in your grandchildren.