Thursday, November 2, 2017

Italia 2017 - Holiday on the Salento Coast

Wednesday was All-Saints Day, a national holiday in Italy. That meant much would be closed, many would go to church early in the day and then they would head out for coffee, then a late lunch and a promenade until it got dark. We decided to make our way to the far south coast and work our way north.

We started off on the far south tip at Santa Maria de Leuca
Where we saw scads of very high end vacation homes

Some classy lady I saw while have an espresso at a cafe. Probably owns one of those mansions
The beautiful Mediterranean sky
Scenes as we made our way up the coast seeing the modern use of the old technique of rock wall building

Along with real ruins
Reminders that this has been an area of importance fought over for millennia

We made our way to the town of Castro
We were lucky to find a fish restaurant that had some tables open
After a simple pasta it was grilled fish and a fried fish plate
The calamari on the fired plate was killer. I usually avoid calamari because it is tasteless. Not so here.

With lunch finished, folks headed out to the cafe for coffee, down to the water, strolled, got gelato. With the time change it was only for a short time as it got dark fast.

Truly indulging in the Italian experience


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I know you have a soft spot in your heart for that classy lady but I bet you love that photo equally for its reflections...

alexis said...

hahah RM!

de-I said...

Lies you two...lies! The reflection was strictly coincidental. See my tweet on it against your false news.