Thursday, May 11, 2017

Still Feeling The Buzz

I am still working on the massive 'analysis of the past trip' project. Last weekend I spend a good part of it going over the blog posts of the trip. I barely got half way done. My first impression - 'Ye gads how much did we do!'  It was more exhausting reading about it and imagining doing it than actually doing it. Anyway, that project will be picked up again this weekend.

What is of more interest at the moment is my observations of my internal state. It took literally only a day to recover from the trip due to our system. And ever since then I have been on this 'high'. Sort of like the endorphin high from exercise. There was something about this last trip that despite all the energy we expended and how much we did, left us both invigorated and excited.

If you will remember from our prior trip to Frantaly, we had the opposite reaction - we had felt tired and beat up with lots of adjustments we felt necessary to our travel life. So why the big difference? I'm not sure. As I continue with the massive navel gazing (Daughter #3's contribution to family imagery) project, I'm sure I will come up with some kind of analysis.

But in the meantime, the energy from the trip has carried over to my 'at home' persona which is basically about about work and writing. I will deal with the writing project with another post. But as far as work is concerned, I have been just a humming dynamo. I have certain metrics of how many meetings I need to have to develop business. I am already at twice the number I set as my goal for the month of May! I have lots of proposals out. All kinds of good client stuff being done. And I'm not working any more than I have set as my limit for my semi-retired state.

Almost everyone I meet with who knows me comments on the fact that I seem to be buzzing with energy. And it's true. It is all very mysterious to me. You all know I have a deeply spiritual bent so i can only say thanks for God's grace because I truly don't understand exactly why things are happening the way they are.



alexis said...

It is very interesting indeed!!!! Gratitude for what you have give you energy? Who knows.

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

What an unexpected surprise! If it were me, I'd want to understand the difference between the two trips' effects as well.