Saturday, May 6, 2017

Down To A Science

I promised you the traditional postmortem but I've been so busy here that I haven't had the chance. That is one measure at how successful and seamless the transition has been from our travel mode to our life at home mode.  This was the sixth big trip we've taken (trips of more than a month out of the country) since 2014 as part of the post-full time work, transitioned state. Almost everything about this trip went smoother than had been the case in years past. This was especially true about coming home.

Our system of doing the coming back in two days rather than try and get back in one, continues to make a big difference in how rapidly we overcome jet lag. Unlike past trips, I had no emotional angst about going back to work. In fact we got back on a Thursday and by the following Tuesday, my work schedule was completely booked.

We worked on the garden today. Our timing was pretty good and we missed the snow storm that was here last weekend so we're getting things in as early as is reasonable. The peach tree was viciously de-fruited to avoid the mass over production in prior years.

Daughter #3 has asked that I do a deeper dive into the postmortem so I am going to spend the afternoon rereading my posts from the trip in order to create a definitive trip review.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Your post retirement is very different than I picture my own- right now I don't anticipate continuing over my current career after retirement. I look forward to reading your analysis.

alexis said...

RM I'd like to hear about your retirement plans since you are planning on retiring very soon and will be retired for many, many years!