Saturday, May 27, 2017

Book - Revelation

Before we left for the Asia Mega Tour, I made a decision that I would seek out an editor to read one of the book manuscripts I had written. I had certain suspicions about what I had done but I really wanted some kind of outside confirmation or denial.

Shortly after we got back, I had the editor's report. Most of the things she brought up  were not really surprises and were either in the forefront or back of my consciousness.  But she had made a final comment that she thought there was a book inside all I had written but it would take a  lot of time and money to unlock it and she was further willing to undertake that project.

My first reaction was that this was going to be a lot of work. I didn’t start writing because I wanted a job. I have a career. I could make a quick decision; no I did not want to make writing work. I write to satisfy an internal need.

What came next, however, was really transformational. During a hike/contemplation I realized that I have throughout my life been dissatisfied with the fiction that I have read or seen (movies/TV). No matter how good it was, there was always something done to a character or a plot that I didn’t like or made me unhappy. But when I write everything happens exactly the way I want it to. It really doesn’t make a difference if the writing is good, lousy, or mediocre. I know the story I’m trying to tell and it will be exactly the way I want it to be.

I truly write to give myself entertainment/story telling I can get from no one else – story telling that is literally perfect as far as how I want characters and stories to evolve and end. I am the audience and I write for me. That’s all that counts. It makes no difference if anyone reads what I write. In fact, in a lot of ways it is more freeing and comforting if nobody does.

This realization has been incredibly freeing and has given me great peace of mind.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

That sounds like an interesting revelation. Do the editor's comments align with the story you want to tell, or will following them take you further away from your vision for story?

de-I said...

I'm not sure RMG. I'd say probably yes. So many of the criticisms related to writing style, nomenclature, basic genre (she thought I was very confused about genre)as opposed to the story.

alexis said...

I'm so pleased for you! surprised you didn't say anything on Sunday but I guess you were already focused on making ribs. ;)
Maybe a small mention here, this is a realization I also had quite some time ago. Art isn't always selfish but it can be.

Tom P said...

Wonderful Revelization!