Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sigh...Pasta :)

It's a lazy Sunday here in Eldership station Frantaly. There's too many people out and about to do too much. We have a big day planned for tomorrow.

It's in the mid-70's (23 for you Celsius folks) and it's a nice day to just put on the shorts and read a book. I mean it is almost November.
 Suppose I should be sociable and invite the local billionaires up for a drink
We did get up enough energy to go into town for lunch. 
Thank goodness I made a reservation for this pasta specialty restaurant the guy renting us our house told us about.

I have become a real fan of the salads we've been getting in Italy. They always have lots of stuff and good quality too. This one had lettuce, tomatoes, corn, tuna and a hard boiled egg. Simply dressed with good olive oil and some vinegar, salt and pepper

I have waxed rhapsodic about the joys of good Italian Pasta in past years.
How do they do it?
I don't know.
It is magic.
Somehow you take a first bite and you say, "Hm okay, nothing great."
Then you take a second and third bite and say, "Hm sort of growing on me."
By the 10th bite and beyond you're saying, "How can the flavor just be getting better and better? This is crazy."
All this restaurant does is salads and pasta. They have a number of pastas and a number of sauces and you pick and chose.
I went for a tagliatelle with mushrooms and foie gras.

Wife went for the Lobster Pasta with Taglialini
Unlike many places where we've had the lobster pasta, they took the meat out of the shell for you.
Very classy.

They gave us a glass of house made limoncello on the house.

Sooooo good


alexis said...

looks like it was soooo good. Do you think you will allow more starch into your diets at home if you can find good quality pasta

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Any tips for those of us who'd like to make a great salad? Is it the quality of the ingredients? The combination of textures? Something else?

de-I said...

Alexis - I doubt it. We eat more pasta when we are Italy because we walk a bizillions time more when we are here than when we are home. Plus we only eat one big meal a day. That kind of lifestyle doesn't work when we're home and I'm working. Plus it is not the quality of the noodle. I don't know why good pasta dishes here are so different. It's why I need to take a cooking class. The one's I took in Asia made a big difference in how I did that style of cooking.

RMG - At least in Italy, it is all about the quality of the ingredient. Every salad I've had here has really good - fill in the blank for the kind of vegetable. Also they don't put lots of things in. Maybe 4 to 5 ingredients like the one pictured. Also, at least in this region, the salads are not dressed. You are given oil and vinegar to dress the salad as you please. I've read but cannot confirm that it is supposed to be about the quality of the oil.