Sunday, October 23, 2016

San Remo At 5 or The View From Three Feet

We had our last day with the #3s on Saturday. Sigh, as so many of those we have tried to recruit to the Eldership, they all balk at becoming the red tunic wearing enlisted people!

#3 was very interested in getting some clothing. As the gentleman who owns the house had suggested to me earlier, the best place for shopping around here was in San Remo where we had gone the prior week. So we all went forth, got into town early enough to secure parking and then it was decided that Wife and I would take 3.1 so we would not be bored by waiting as #3 tried on this and that.

So Wife, 3.1 (who is 5 years old) and I headed back to the old town area where we had visited with 2.1. Only this time we were led by the bubbly, enthusiastic 5 year old for whom it seems steep steps and hills mean nothing (according to her Mother, steep steps are just her natural environment in Amsterdam). As we went forth 3.1 began to give me instructions to take pictures of things she found interesting.

So I present to you, the old town of San Remo through the eyes of a 5 year old.

"Hi my name is 3.1
I'm going to show you the things I liked when I went walking through the old town in San Remo Italy
(I actually ran and skipped. Grandpa and Grandma walked and asked me to slow down!)"
"You will see that I am partial to lots of colors and patterns"
"I like things that are painted"

"I like color and I like flowers"

"Including pictures of flowers :)"
"Now that I have a staring role on a super popular travel blog, I have to deal with having publicity photos taken of me."
"It is annoying that the blogger himself often has ideas of what he wants to do and we have to wait for him"
"I think he wanted to take this picture"
"But I have my own entourage.
This is my sidekick Sea Horse.
I got him when we visited the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium in Monaco"
"Okay what should we do next?"
"Let's go this way."
"I also like all kinds of different and interesting patterns"

"I liked this though my Mommy probably would think it was too stereotypical (I don't know what that means, Grandpa said I should say it.)
"Hey Grandpa, Grandma! There's something weird going on in here!"
"There are these strange people with my sister."
Come on Sis. Just because strangers offer you a nice clean nappie doesn't mean you should run off with them.
"Well thanks for spending time with me. Grandpa is insisting he needs to write about food again."

Lunch was another one of our hit and miss affairs. 
There was a very good appetizer with a combination of salt cod treatments
Deep fried, a salad, and a stew
There was a very good raw smoked tuna appetizer
And Wife had one of the better grilled fish dishes she's had on the trip
Then we got gelatto where I scored the best
Nutella Flavor!


alexis said...

I love it!! Of course I am a little impartial... :D
You definitely had the best ice cream by far.

Agent W and the Derf said...

Love, love, love this post!! Perfectly described by your 5 yr old granddaughter! So glad you & Mrs. de-I had this precious time together with #3 & family!