Monday, October 17, 2016

Changing Of The Guard or Rebuilding The Crew

It was time for Granddaughter 2.1 to return to school. I took her back to Nice Airport which of course gave me an opportunity to find yet another way to NOT take the correct exit out of the airport. We are are now four for four. Four different times leaving the airport and four different ways of getting to the direction I want to go. Hopefully I'm done. When we leave we are going be train and there is no reason for me to be going back to the Nice Airport.

But almost simultaneously with the departure of 2.1, was the arrival of the #3 family. The timing was a little crazy with them arriving and getting a car at almost the identical time I was dropping off 2.1. Through total coincidence, we arrived back at the house going up the narrow, winding road right behind each other.

It was a gloriously warm day. We spent the whole day lounging around outside of the house, drinking Provencal wine, eating cheese, playing with the kids, cooking up a nice mid-afternoon chicken fricassee dinner, drinking more nice Rhone wine, taking LONG naps, planning what we want to be doing, and relaxing after the kids went to bed with long adult conversation.

With the arrival of full family activity, the time availability to do full on photo posts may be lacking so take a deep breath :)

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