Friday, October 7, 2016

Raising Raseborg - Trial by GPS or The Bermuda Triangle Strikes Again

It's our last day in Finland. We are spending the night at the Helsinki airport because we've got a lot of repacking to do in order to get our luggage weight working for the next leg of our flight. When we fly over the Atlantic, I'm usually on United Airlines where my priority gives me plenty of weight allowance. I can use that same priority on other airlines that are part of the same alliance but not usually at the same exact weights. Plus since we've be traveling by ferry and car, the packing needs are less severe as well in terms of considerations of breakage. Hence the need to repack.

But we still had a half a day to do something, so we decided to see Raseborg Castle. It's initial construction period was around the same time as Turku but during the 16th century it lost its importance and was abandoned. The area around it never grew in importance as Turku did.

The directions we had from our guide book were very sketchy. We headed to the town that was quoted as the location using our Tom Tom GPS but getting there found nothing and no sign of anything. I got out my phone and used Google Maps. It has the actual castle ruins on the map. Plugging it in, we headed off for a 20 to 30 minute ride through all kinds of dirt roads where it looks like we are going through people's yards. Finally we get to...THE PLACE WE STARTED FROM! Google Maps now takes us to a point 3 minutes from our original start where we find Raseborg Castle

But before we go to Roseborg, a few shots from our last night in Ekenas.
Scenes from our hotel in the evening and the morning

Virtually the only restaurant opened in this vacation town was called:
We did NOT order burritos

Upon our arrival at Raseborg we found:
That's right...Closed!
But there was some good history and photo shots nonentheless

And our sign of the day
Please, if you are disobeying our 'do not climb' sign, don't look like a dweeb when doing so.


alexis said...

just curious, did the guide books say anything about everything being closed during this time of year? That would have been useful...

de-I said...

Alexis - Hell no!