Thursday, October 6, 2016

Picturing Turku or You Mean You're Open In October!!!

Today we were off taking a day trip to the old capital of Finland, Turku. For centuries Finland was a province of Sweden and Turku was its capital. When the Russians conquered Finland from the Swedes they moved the capital to a less Swedish influenced city, Helsinki.

THE thing in Turku is its castle. The origins date back to the 13th century as a wooden structure, it was continuously added to and developed throughout the Middle Ages and on into the Renaissance period.

Here we see the structure with both its Medieval and Renaissance sections.
It was completely derelict until a group of locals after WWII undertook to have it completely rebuilt and restored under the guidance of a father/daughter architect and interior design team. It is one of the best castle museums I've been to...and I've been to a lot!

Of course as we approached we noticed...
CONSTRUCTION, our nemisis.
Would we be turned away yet again?
No! It was open!
Yay Turku!
Here is a set of shots from the inner courtyard and walls of the castle

The museum had a neat set of models which showed how the construction took place over the centuries.

This model showed how the groined arches were built
And how they look in fact
In the interior were all kinds of exhibits and artwork
Some of the artwork had you thinking you were actually being watched
Ever wonder how things looked to the dragon as St. George was taking him (or her) down?
There were a number of extremely well restored wall paintings (hard to find these from the Middle Ages)

And tapestries
Wife holding up the royal chapel built in the 18th century
Then it was on into town for the second big thing in Turku it's Cathedral. Built originally as a Catholic church in the Gothic style it is now Luthern. It looked really spectacular against the Fall colors


Another shot of the determined photographer
And our Sign of the Day
No Flash Photography of People's Palms?

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