Monday, September 21, 2015

Hapsburg-Renaissance Trip - On Day Four They Rested

We did absolutely zip today.  I did cook dinner. We just hung around the rental house. So it is appropriate for me to show you around the house. We have found that when we travel, the quality of where we stay is critically important to our overall enjoyment. And for us, we like to rent places that are of themselves a treat to be in. We've really hit the jackpot with our place in Graz.

The House Itself

Have you ever seen such a nice garage

Entering the house

And into the living room

The kitchen

View of the front yard and front outdoor seating area

The Master Bedroom, one of the two baths with showers, and an 'extra' room

Mood shot - poorly done because of forgetting about the chair

Mood shot - better done because chair has been removed

View from the upstairs outdoor seating area

Person enjoying view from upstairs outdoor seating area


alexis said...

ooo, a bidet AND I see there are bikes in the garage! will you avail yourselves of either?

Dad said...

You'll have to ask Mom about the bidet :)

We are at the top of a big ass hill (think our Spain house without the ruts!) No bicycle riding for us.

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Wow, that's an enormous house! And the views are beautiful. I do find that sparkling wine always improves the views.

Diana and Steve said...

Looks fab. You two know how to live.