Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hapsburg - Renaissance Trip - Day Seven - Back In Graz

Today we were back in Graz. We're trying alternate days in town walking with days in the car exploring the countryside.

We're starting at the Hauptplatz again, the main square with the Town Hall

As is true throughout the city, you find building facades that catch your eye.

We're going int he opposite direction that we did during our first walk, west toward the river that bisects the city.  We're going to the Franziskanerplatz which is the oldest part of the city.

Where we come to the Franzskanerkirche. This church and monastery are the oldest in the city dating to the 15th century and are Gothic style.

I am a great lover of stained glass windows especially in Gothic churches. But my pictures of them usually are very washed out compared the way I see them. But in this one if you look at the window on the far left you will get a more realistic idea of the colors.  I think I need be taking pictures of these from and angle rather than straight on.

Then it was across the River Mur where the fashion of putting locks on the bridge to show ones true love is alive and well.

Then to the Kunthausplatz where we see the Kunthaus itself. This is the modern art museum. It was built during 2003 when Graz was named the cultural city of Europe. This picture does not do it justice and I hope to get a better one when we do another walking tour later in the week.

This is just a building across the platz from the Kunthaus

Next we walk to the Mariahilferplatz where we find the Mariahhilferkirche (17th Century)

We are catching glimpses of the Schlossberg which is high on a hill overlooking the city. We'll be there in a couple of days. These pictures show a couple of the ways you can get up (via funicular [yes] or climbing a billion stairs [no])

By the way if you didn't notice, the weather turned sharply from glorious late summer to grey fall overnight.

Next we went back over the river where another modern construction from 2003 is located, the Murinsel. It is actually a bridge with a structure mid-river.

Inside there is a cafe where Wife and I took some hot chocolate with rum :)

This is right by the cafe. It took us a while to figure out but it is a children's play area. 
All I can think of is a child getting hopelessly entangled!

Then we went back down the Sachsstrasse to the K and O Department Store

From its rooftop restaurant are excellent views of the city.

Then back to the Hauptplatz for lunch at Wurst and Wok

Wife had the Gegrillte Kaiserkrainer mit Senf and I had the the Burenwurst mit Senf and a beer - 9.60 Euros

Wife deep in wurst contemplation


alexis said...

finally after all these years of wondering how much a sausage costs in a large city in Austria: answered. I can die happy.

Dad said...

Don't forget to deduct the 2.80 Euro cost of the beer :)

Agent W and The Derf said...

The architecture is beautiful! The mid river cafe was a great find...I am sure the hot chocolate with rum was delicious!