Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hapsburg - Renaissance Trip - Day13 - If You Didn't Get Enough Climbing Yesterday...

We ended up doing a lot more our feet yesterday than we thought with the climbing up the Grad in Ptuj.  So we figured we'd take it easier today. There is a Basilica, the Mariatrost, that is way on the end of one of the tram lines on the opposite side of town from where we are. So we took the tram to the very last stop on the line.  There we found the:

Except that it appears to have been closed

So on to the Basilica

Except for one minor issue

Less than happy camper Wife contemplating


And more steps

214 of them to be exact

But once we were there it was a very beautiful church and we had it all to ourselves

Even the stone tiles were nice

And there were great views of the area around the city

It was Noon time just as we finished and the bells were chiming

But of course if you go UP the steps that means you have to go DOWN the steps

And down

And down

But if you are a stalwart Wife you are rewarded in the end with a nice Aperol Spritzer

Our next stop was the Botanical Gardens but first we had lunch which was much better than yesterday as we once again were making use of the trusty TripAdvisor App.  Lunch was an interesting cafe inside a home decorating store - that was different.

I had a cream of Brussels sprouts soup and a salad while Wife had a filet of sea bream

The new greenhouses in the Botanical Garden are another example of the modern art existing with the traditional in Graz

After all the climbing and walking we stopped at the Sacher Cafe to experience the 'Original Sacher Torte'


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

That church looks like it was worth the climb. And it appears that you had good weather?

Blue skies and Sachertorte, nothing to complain about there.

de-I said...

The weather overall has been pretty good. I was quite warm in Vienna when we arrived and since it has been in the lower 60's and upper 50's but not with any rain to speak of.

Agent W and THe Derf said...

I agree with Renee Michelle....the church was worth the climb...beautiful bells! Glad your weather has cooled down, making it easier for your travels!