Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Oh Pasta! I Love Thee

I know I have rhapsodized about making homemade pasta with the special Italian flour. But I had another pasta bliss experience this last weekend.

A client of mine had mentioned, after I had mentioned a couple of times my amazement at the difference my homemade pasta had using this flour, that he would like to try it. This guy is the last person to ask for something. So his stating he would like to 'try it' was a very strong request. And since he and his wife have been wonderful clients for years, I happily invited them to come over for one of our Sunday dinners.

Oh the joy! The working of this pasta dough was so 'right'. It rolled out just the way I wanted. I have started adding a little salt to the dough even though that is not included in the traditional recipes. I think it brings out the flavor of the flour in the pasta.

I made a carbonara sauce with some fine locally source pancetta that came out as good as the pasta itself. I don't know there is some special joy that comes from whipping up a pasta from scratch that has such lovely characteristics.


Xani said...

Tell me more about this flour?? Your carbonara sounds fantastic. WE just cured and smoked about 10 lbs of bacon, and Dave picked up duck eggs from a roadside fridge out in the country, so I am dreaming of making a duck-egg pasta, and carbonara with the bacon and duck eggs- yum!!

alexis said...

I imagine this is how Munchkin feels when she is doing crafty stuff.

Louise Richardson said...

Sounds wonderful!!