Monday, April 23, 2018

Eldership Mission Eastern Mediterranean

The creaking crew responds to the call
     The call they have made to themselves   

The mission beckons
    To go places others may have gone but they have not

Is the vessel shipshape?
    Capable of the challenges ahead?

On presumes one will find out
    As the reality of the mission unfolds

Ha, nothing has been learned
    This crew thinks it has found the elixir of life

Four countries
    Nine cities

Three are totally new to our crew
     The other only one city visited

The crew however has one passion
     One overriding thought

The end comes
     Sooner rather than later

Grab the opportunity while you can
    The chance to do so will soon be gone

So with great enthusiasm and joy
    The Eldership crew prepares to depart


Louise Richardson said...

Fascinating !!! Safe travels !!!

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Shields at maximum? Phasers set to stun? Then you are ready... Engage!

alexis said...

it's the longest haiku in history.