Friday, April 27, 2018

2018 Eastern Mediterranean Trip - Day Two, Hello Jaffa

We stay in rental apartments and houses the majority of time we travel. And most of these we book through Airbnb. There is a general range of quality and amenities that one expects to find in these accommodations. Often times you find all kinds of information about your surroundings and a kitchen with a fair amount of supplies. Our place in Jaffa is definitely on the lower end of this scale.
For on thing the mattresses are just about the hardest I have ever encountered. My arthritic hips and shoulders were complaining so much that I had to move myself out to the couch which mercifully was softer. For another there was no coffee or tea in the apartment as there often is.

A few shots of the apartment which is very close to the coast

So after the long trip, there was nothing to speak of to get us going into the new day. Nonetheless, we were ready to face the new world so with Google Maps enabled on our phone. Off we set in search of what was in our surroundings and hopefully some food.

Our time in Israel is going to be a bit disjointed. Tel Aviv is a large, modern city. Jaffa is an old city that has been historically referenced back to the time of the Pharaohs. They used to be two distinct cities but now Jaffa is considered part of Tel Aviv. We are in a neighborhood and there is not much right around is the way of food. So we headed off toward the center of Jaffa.

Always interesting walking in a new country. In this, the old town, we are reminded of our days in Southeast Asia where sidewalks were minimal and used for walked in the road.  The driving is slightly reminiscent of that as well, but with actually a lot more respect for rules of the road.

We immediately got our cameras as there was plenty of street stuff to observe.

As it is the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel flags are everywhere

We were getting really, really hungry and finally found a place that a variety of savory baked goods
"I'm your food photo paparazzi thing later!"

Slightly nourished we headed out toward the flea market that is well known in Jaffa.
I can report that it is 'just like a flea market'

Hunger again reared its hoary head.
We found a place that was selling Khachapuri - Georgian Cheese Bread
For you international food fans, you will recognize the word 'Puri' which is also a bread in Indian cooking. Speaks to the great cultural combination from Central Asia through Persia to India
There are a variety of different sizes and versions
They put toppings on in our case onions, mushrooms and cheese, heat it up and serve it with some sauces
It was pretty good and only cost $8 for the two of us

We went back and had a nap, then we went to a restaurant on the coast north of us where a client of mine was also in Israel and we arranged to have dinner together.

Coastal colors


The weather was starting to turn but there were some local folks playing in the surf.

A young woman came and asked us to do a selfie with them. This seemed a bit weird but I got a good picture from it and we still had all our belongings when it was over

Our meal with my client was pretty damn good
It was a fish restaurant, all the fish was very tasty. The service was reasonable given how busy they were. 
The tray of mezzes
 Whole sea bass
 Sea bass with gnocchi
 Croaker with potato mash and Jerusalem artichoke chips
People say that Israel is very expensive
But this meal with drinks before and a bottle of wine with was less than what we would have paid in Albuquerque and much better

And finally, we return to

These are EVERYWHERE in town
I can only assume there is a feeling that everyone should be reminded of the frailty of life


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Wait, was that tray of mezzes just for three people?! It looked like a lot of food, particularly if you had mains following. Perhaps you are observing some travel gluttony practice?

de-I said...

That would not be out of the realm of possibility Renee Michelle but in fact you chose what of the mezze you wanted.