Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sorry...Not Sad About 2016 And Looking Forward to 2017

My goodness there has been so much rending of garments and dousing one's self with ashes about the horror of 2016. You will forgive me if I say I think people have no perspective whatsoever.

Okay it was a pretty tumultuous year politically and the results weren't what many people hoped for...but you know, these kinds of ebbs and flows of political winds of change have happened all the time. I dare anyone to pull the editorial and opinion pages of newspapers and go back 10 year, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years. What you will read is DOOM...GLOOM...All we know is coming to an end. No one in the moment EVER thinks that their time is good...it is always GOING TO HELL!

Let me tell you, I certainly know people who had illness and death in 2016. I know people who had setbacks. But by and large the vast majority of people I interact with had a pretty damn good year in 2016...certainly better than they had in 2008 and 2009. Personally it was GREAT year. My transition was complete and we just enjoyed living in our new life state. My kids had good years. Many of my clients had good years. Prospects for most of those who I touch personally are looking good.

And if everyone focused more on what is going on with those you actually touch and can affect rather than rant and ruminate on things they have no ability to affect at all, they would see that there is plenty to be thankful for, plenty that is good going on, and plenty to be doing to continue making it good for everyone.

Did we have a major volcano irruption wiping out whole cities? Did a plague hit us and wipe out a major portion of our population? Are we starving? Are we being systematically assassinated like those in Aleppo? I don't think so. Get perspective. Focus on those you actually touch and affect. See what you really have and you will see it is pretty damn good.

I'm planning ton having a great 2017 and I could give two hoots about whose doing what to whom in Washington. It isn't going to stop me.


alexis said...

See I have great perspective because I never read or watch the news. Thanks to overdose repeat watching of the Cosmos series, my time scale is now galactic. So these things don't bother me as much. Or at least for as long as they used to.

Rob said...

Hear hear, very well put! :) Here's to an awesome terrible 2017!

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

An excellent perspective - and it inspired me to write a similar blog post.

Tee said...

Amen! Cheers to 2017!