Sunday, January 1, 2017

Family Visit

As I mentioned in my last post, Wife and I have gotten quite used to not having family with us for holidays due to the great distance between our children and ourselves. So it was quite the surprise a number of weeks ago when Daughter #1 told us that they had expiring frequent flyer miles that had to be used this year. AND while they could use those miles to get somewhere, they wouldn't have the funds to actually stay and do anything. So they asked if they could come and visit us right after Christmas and through New Year's Day.

So we did have family this year! And it was great. We went up to Santa Fe and visited this crazy place called Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return...don't ask me to describe it. It's like some gigantic maze with more layers of things to find than you could imagine. Next we went to a big indoor game place that had ton of arcade type games, pool, bowling, laser tag, and a gravity course.Another day we went out and took the grandchildren shopping. This was followed in the evening by a visit to Albuquerque's big Christmas light show called the River of Lights. We spent a day cooking and eating. We played lots of board games.

I brought the #1's to the airport this morning at 5:00 AM. It was a delightful four days that we have so infrequently with our family members.

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alexis said...

it looked like you guys had an amazing time!!