Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Shadow Boxing or Road Warrior Lite

I should have called it Road Warrior Rusty.

I'm doing some business travel this week seeing my clients in Chicago and LA. Getting out of Albuquerque on Monday morning was a bit of headache.

It was kind of like the great travel battles of yore between the Magical Unicorn Pony God of Travel and mighty Road Warrior de-I.  Accept it really wasn't. It was more like MUPGT seeing the old rival who's sort of become a respected friend say:

      "Hey de-I old man. You're looking good. Want do some light sparring for old times sake?"

I was taking a flight the connected through Denver and there was snow there which screwed up flights so my flight out of Albuquerque was going to be 3 hours late causing me to miss my connection and I had a dinner meeting to make. But a quick call to the United Premier Gold desk and they had me on a direct flight to Chicago that left at Noon and got me there in time for my dinner. I ended up going back home since I had 5 hours to kill. I had a little more excitement as the new flight was scheduled to be 30 minutes late but just as I was leaving home again, I got two updates that said No, we're actually leaving on time. But in the end there were no problems.

I really didn't have a tremendously difficult day on Tuesday - 3 meetings - but I was beat. I remembered how I would do weeks of this type of stuff each month 10 years ago. Clearly that is all in the past. I don't need or want to be the road warrior. Some one asked when commented on this trip, "but aren't you doing all kinds of travel still?" And the answer is yes, but it is for pleasure and there is a huge difference in traveling for pleasure and traveling for work. For one thing you don't have to work when you get wherever you go! And you are on your own schedule and don't have to worry about getting anywhere for anyone else. And you are basically having fun. So yes, it is definitely different.


alexis said...

I don't miss travel for work, though I do enjoy talking with clients!

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Travel for fun: a mix of fun and challenges, and you can usually rest or change plans whenever you want. Travel for work: "on" all the time, pressure to schedule 10 hours of meetings a day. I agree that there is a huge difference.

Glad you were able to triumph over MUPGT