Sunday, January 15, 2017


Banned from cooking

Banned from buying wine


Our freezer is filled to the brim. When I got back from our last trip, I went on a cooking binge. I made pot roast, braised Malay beef, chicken fricassee, lasagna, pizza, stock...all of which filled our freezer to overflowing. Hence the auditing and accounting department said - NO. No More Cooking. Not until we eat what we already have


While we were in France, we bought wine, I had numerous cases ordered that arrived just before we left for our last trip. Every slot in my cellar is full. The command came down from auditing and accounting. NO No More Wine Purchases. Not until you drink what you already have.


I am eating...I am drinking...This is going to take a while.  


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Oh, dear. It's tough dealing with auditors.

JRR said...

sounds like a plea for help

de-I said...

YES JRR...where are all the wine drinking eaters? Nowhere I tell you. Nowhere.

Rob said...

Eating and drinking... a new purpose in your life :)

alexis said...

it's a tiny 4500 EUR investment to get a whole family of us over there to help you eat through stuff. :D