Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hanging Up The Hiking Boots

Not physically but metaphorically.

I've come to the conclusion that hiking as a major activity in my life has come to an end.  I still go out into the mountains a couple of times a week but it is as a part of my exercise program rather than as an activity I'm doing in its own right.  It is a an interesting study in how the transition process can affect what goes on in our life even if we're not quite aware of how those effects unfold. 

In this case it was result of a number of factors.  Previously hiking had been one of my major outlets for the type A, accomplishment driven part of my persona.  Hiking was about going longer, higher, faster, deeper into the mountains.  Exploring new places and finding new gems.  Gradually over the last couple of years along with the other transitional issues I noted that I was physically finding it harder and harder to do the longer hikes without a significant increase in the amount of time and effort.  I also have noted a deterioration in leg strength and balance (never a strong point). 

The transition had created new outlets for my type A personality traits most notably travel which is a great outlet for exploration and planning and adventure that filled the same types of desires I got from hiking before.  Other factors have been the desire for more and more solitude - it's not wise to go deep into the mountains by yourself - deciding to keep working half-time which uses a a big chunk of time, and wanting a more balanced exercise program that focuses on frequency of doing exercise rather than doing great, demanding exercise (like the long hikes).

Everything has its time and place and I'm very happy with the new balance that I find in the transitioned, semi-retired space.

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alexis said...

Makes a lot of sense - it's the journey, not the destination, don't they say?