Thursday, June 11, 2015

About Books

A lot seems to be revolving around books these day.

On one hand we are moving our books back into our rearranged library (we had all our bookcases and chairs in that room moved when we did the Lounge).  We're using this as a major opportunity for us to 'purge' tons of stuff - mainly tons of books that are never looked at.  This has proven to be a big task.  Not counting just the physical work (books are heavy!), the decision-making process of what to keep or not keep is a lot.  I think we've overcome our tendency (particularly mine) to hang on to things.  We've identified about 50% of our inventory to get rid of.  We're still trying to figure out the best way to do that. 

Then there is reading books.  When I was working full bore, by the time I'd made dinner I would have been exhausted.  I didn't have energy to do anything other than plop in a chair and put on the TV to just fill the void.  Now I have lots of energy at the end of the day so I'm reading tons.  I've got three books going at once - two history books and a novel. The TV is rarely on except to watch recorded rugby or soccer games.

And there is MY book.  I am in the rewrite process in earnest.  I'm working through one of the hardest sections - one that requires major changes from the original - and I think I've got the story line revision worked out.

So here's to books!


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I will raise my glass and join your toast to books. I love reading them, but rarely owning them. I do have a few that I find I reference often, so I own them - one gardening book, and about four cookbooks. Glad to that your book is coming along, too.

alexis said...

I am reading again after a bit of a pause. Mostly silly fantasy. :) But I'm still working and as such, not having a lot of energy at the end of the night!

terri said...

I'm always reading something, sometimes more energetically than others, but always reading. I recognized the need to purge books a few years ago. I rarely reread anything anymore, so there's no need to let them take up space in the house once I'm done with them. I've hung on to only those that are my very favorites. The e-book was a beautiful invention for me!

It's fun to read about how excited your are to be working on your own book again. I have no doubt you'll be publishing soon!

Tim said...

Trash all your books and invest in a kindle and then tell your daughter to do the same thing. And with the NBA and NHL finals going on right now, you disappoint me immensely !! :) But I will say, I've been reading quite a bit lately as well ..

de-I said...

I don't have time for minor sports like the NBA and NHL, Tim. I have to focus my viewing on the ending of the Super Rugby season where three New Zealand teams have made the six teams going into the finals.