Monday, June 15, 2015

Book Breakthrouhg

I was able to block off some serious time for my rewrite of the book this week and in the process started dealing with one of the most difficult aspects of the project.  I have these two characters who in the original story are fairly prominent but not dealt with in a serious manner.  They provided a lot of the sexual humor that was a big part of the story at that time.

When redesigning the story for this project, I shifted the tone to a deeper, more emotionally focused story but still trying to keep the humor as before and with a more mature attitude toward sexuality.  I was able to see ways to make that change in most of the book but there's this one section in the beginning where these two characters meet and start their relationship that was way, way off from the new focus.  I struggled with this for months.  Finally when I did the back story work last month, I saw how this relationship could be altered to meet the new focus but retain some of the humor and sexuality. 

I just got through the rewrite of that section and have read through it a couple of times and am very pleased with how it has evolved.  It has also given me some additional story line threads to weave into later sections of the book.  So we're finished with the first confrontation and establishment of key persona and its time to make it over the mountains to the next culture and key persona.


Agent W said...

It is wonderful to read about the process you are going through to write your book!
Looking forward to more posts!

alexis said...

looking forward to reading the old version vs the new when it finishes.

Bernice said...

I too think reading the first and then the rewrite would be interesting.