Sunday, May 10, 2015

This And That

This happens every time I get back from one of our trips.  I blog like a maniac while I'm traveling because there's so much to write about.  Then I get home and it's like everything is so humdrum how can I write about this?  But no.  I will not get caught in that lethargic miasma!

Eldership Officer's Lounge

While we were on our away mission, we managed to scrounge up some funds from Elder Fleet Command to finish decorating the new Officer's Lounge

 Spring Colors at the Tower

 Wife's Magnus Opus, The Hanging Gardens, is coming into its own with the flowering of all the plants she put in last summer and some recent additions this Spring.

And there's nothing better (at least for us) than enjoying the beauty of the gardens with meal in the Crystal Palace.


alexis said...

I love the new drinking room - turned out fantastic!! OH mentioned your back yard looks almost Mediterranean!

JRR said...

Lovely Spring at the Tower-- and I see that you are drinking 'em straight up, shakennot stirred.

terri said...

Your Officers Lounge is amazing, and your gardens are beautiful. No wonder you love your home so much!