Monday, May 18, 2015

Junior Jet Setters

Or maybe Jet Setters Second Class?

We've been back from Europe for a week and a half so of course we were going to run out to the East Coast for a weekend to attend a wedding.  Now if we'd been REAL jet setters, we'd have had our private jet pick us up in Albuquerque and whisk us off directly to Easton, a town on Maryland's Eastern shore.  However, as only junior/second class jet setters, it meant taking 7 hours of regular airline to Washington, D.C., meeting up with daughter #3 who came all the way from Amsterdam for this, then driving through the morass of the Washington rush hour and traffic to the weekend escape East Shore for two and half hours.  Kind of less glamorous and way more tiring.

Dinner at diner in Easton Friday night
Wife and # 3 just about ready to keel over and sleep in their soup.

But after a nights sleep we're significantly more chipper and exploring the historic are of Easton.

Farmers Market in town?  #3 is going to check it out.

History happens

If you're on the Chesapeake Bay, you've got to find some good water scenes right?

My niece and nephew-in-law (???) are really wonderful people.  They helped so much at the reunion we had at Christmas time.  They've had to deal with a lot of challenges in the course of becoming married.  I take a less romantic view of marriage than many.  I believe that a long, successful marriage is the result of commitment and work...the ability to overcome the inevitable challenges that life throws at any relationship.  I've watched both of these two deal with a variety of situations and their long road to get to marriage.  I'm very confident they will be a long-term success.

Niece and Nephew-in-law tired from making sure we all had a great time but glowing with happiness.

On Sunday after a quick stop at the post celebration brunch it was reversing the whole process, slogging back to D.C., taking our long flights east and west and for Wife and I getting home at around 11 PM.  Just another weekend in the life of the jet set second class.


alexis said...

fun but exhausting - I was glad to have Monday off from work!

Agent W said...

Glad you "jet setters" could attend your niece's wedding! Now time to relax for a few days, hopefully?

Xani said...

We are so honored that you all made the journey to be with us to celebrate! I agree having 6 years of trials and tribulations under our belt before tying the knot makes us feel secure in our decision to marry. One never knows what the future holds but I am lucky to have so many examples of long-term, successful marriages in my family! Thank you again for being there, hope to see you again soon!