Thursday, January 15, 2015

Snow, Silence, Solitude

We had two small snow storms yesterday and the day before.  And it was supposed to get warm again today.  The last storm was kind of slushy.  I hoped to get some snow hiking in this morning.  Got going early so that it wouldn't be in slush and mud.

At 8:10 AM I was at the trail head.  It was 17 degrees.  No worry about melting here.  There were no cars in the parking lot.  There were only a few tracks in the snow heading up the trail.  After 3/4 of a mile of hiking the tracks went in a different direction than I was going.  I was hiking in fresh snow.

It was a bright, sunny day that was warming up quickly.  I was shedding various layers that I had on in the beginning to keep warm.  The sun shining on the snow made it look like a blanket of diamonds.  These pictures do not do it justice.

Alone on the mountain with my thoughts and my mantra reveling in the quiet and solitude.


Agent W and the Derf said...


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Wow. What a treat that you got to enjoy that.

terri said...

What beautiful scenery you got to enjoy! Glad you got some solitude. I think you needed it after the past few weeks of busyness.

alexis said...

om :)

Bernice said...

Beautiful. What a gift to be able to experience that.