Saturday, January 3, 2015

Family-ageddon In Pictures

It's really incredible the amount of work that's necessary to maintain a household of 16 - cleaning ,cooking, shopping, etc.  Even with all the help (and everyone chipped in their fair share), it's still your house and you have the ultimate responsibility.  As a result it seemed that we were going from sun up to sun down and that didn't leave much time for picture taking.  Nonetheless even with that I ended up with scads.

3.1 "Hmm, I like having Thomas the Train here"

"And I like doing stuff with Grandma too!"

Cousins Bounding over Devices

3.1 and 2.2

1.2 and 2.3

The project of each child making their own stocking proved to be to difficult for them so reinforcements were called in.

2.1, 3A and Wife

Decorating Cookies - One of Many Traditions

"We Like Goodies Too!"
(#2 and #1)

Christmas Day

Tree and presents ready

Mass unwrapping

Grandpa de-I coaching newest addition 3.2 on the fine art of present unwrapping

Making our Christmas brunch

#1 and #2 taking charge


Nothing like battle to work off some of that holiday energy!

Christmas Dinner is always homemade pizza

#1, pizza dough forming queen

Grandpa de-I and 1.2 show how its done

Pizza in the oven

Finished product

On To The Reunion

Home organized to accommodate event
(Thanks awesome sons-in-law)

Celebrating two upcoming weddings
It's going to be hard for all of us to go to the two weddings coming up this year so we had a cake for my Niece X and D and my Brother A.
You can't see the cake put I had outlines of their two states (Hawaii and Maryland) on the cake.

The Reunion Banquet

Uncle D, my older brother, teaching the grandchildren the fine art of Blackjack


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Wow. That is, indeed, a lot of people in your house.

terri said...

Fun to see it all in photos! Thanks for sharing. Now time for a well-deserved break for you two!

Agent W and The Derf said...

Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing all the pictures of your wonderful holiday and reunion!

alexis said...

oh man, I think this is a very good picture edition of the holiday time and reunion!