Friday, November 21, 2014

I Have A Dream

It was a pretty rough week.  I needed to go to Colorado Springs for business on Sunday and was going to drive.  But there was a lot of snow in the mountain passes and I at the last moment decided to fly to Denver and drive down to Colorado Springs.  But my rental car's windshield washing system was not operational and while I tootling at 70 mph down the highway I go to clean the muck of the windshield and it becomes opaque!  Really scary.  Fortunately I was able to pull of and use some snow to wash things off.

Then there was two long days of work, the return trip and two long days of work on Wednesday and Thursday.  On Thursday morning I'm clearly not feeling well and by Thursday evening and an evening event, I'm feeling feverish, cold and tired.  I left the event early went home and curled up under my Afghan and watched a Great Course on Geology (really good one I might add).  I went to sleep very early, around 9:30.

Around 2 AM or so, I had this dream.  I dreamed of noodle soup.  Not any noodle soup but the wonderfully flavorful, nourishing noodle soups I had in Singapore. Along with the soup there was this humongous shrimp, perfectly cooked so it was just translucent.  Have I mentioned that I can't ever remember having dreamed of food and food so specific and so real in flavor before?  Well I haven't.  After I awoke from the dream and went back to bed I was still remembering the flavor and getting very hungry.  I had to make myself an Asian style soup for lunch just to assuage the craving.

I had an acupuncture appointment this afternoon (I'm feeling much better thank you).  I had not eaten very healthfully in Colorado Springs and she deduced that the dream was my body craving good nourishment. 

Can't wait for the #2 Pu clan to get o Hong Kong so we can visit and get some of the real thing!


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Hmm, having a vivid dream like that about food sounds very interesting. Like you, I've never dreamed about the taste or look of food, although I've dreamt of cooking. And (thanks to you!) I still have the waitressing nightmares where I discover I forgot one table of customers and they've been sitting there for hours :)

Agent W said...

Glad you are feeling better! What a week!

Pulisha said...

Me, too! We'll case the city and make sure we've got the best noodle shops lined up for when you visit. I can't think of anything more comforting and nourishing than a good noodle soup.

terri said...

Can't say that I ever remember dreaming of food that way. I did have a very detailed dream the other night about a new home we were buying. It was spacious and beautiful and there was a lake right behind the house. I was giddy about it. And then I woke up... and was pretty disappointed! :-)

alexis said...

I"m glad you're feeling better and that ordeal in CO sounds very scary indeed!