Wednesday, November 5, 2014

de_I's Helpful Hints To A Successful Marriage - # 16,482

So how does a mellow, easy to get along with, non-opinionated, go with the flow type of guy like de-I keep his lovely Wife happy and content?  Well he pays attention to subtle hints that maybe doing things in a certain way may be inadvertently getting the wrong reaction from said Wife.

When we redid the kitchen we exchanged our ceramic topped electric stove for a nice responsive gas one.  Yes it did take quite a bit more effort to clean the new stove top than the old one but what a small price to pay for the greater cooking efficiency, right? 

Oh, did I forget to mention that in our division of labor, I do the cooking and almost NEVER do the cleaning up afterwards?  Well Wife who does the cleaning didn't quite see things the same way.  After one particular messy post meal clean up she made some mention that couldn't I do something so that the fat spattering didn't go all over the rest of the stove?

The result -

The Solution

This actually works really well (truth be told Wife thought of it).

Happy Wife.  Happy Life.


alexis said...

just reading the first paragraph made me laugh.

Agent W said...

Excellent idea, "Wife" !!! Also, I agree with A....I,too, laughed while reading the first paragraph!

terri said...

The first step is definitely being able to notice the subtle hints!

I have always used a gas stove. The grates on our current stove are bigger and harder to clean than any in the past. The foil is a great idea! I'm going to give that a try next time something messy is being made! Please thank Wife for the tip.