Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pizza Experimentation

I was dying to try out the new mega yuppie Yoder Smoker/Grill/Oven/Decoding Ring on pizza.  When I researched it one of the attractions was the fact it would go up to 550 degrees - certainly hot enough to put in a pizza stone and whip out pizza.

However, as with all things Yoderish there is much tweaking to find out just how best to get the performance you're looking for.  We invited over three young couples who are very much into gastronomy (and with much better appetites than we old folk!).  One of them had moved to NM from Brooklyn NY not long ago and had indulged in lots of the famous brick oven pizza there. 

We told everyone to bring over their favorite toppings and we would just create pizzas and see how they came out.  We had a really great time.  Everyone pitched in rolling out dough and assembling pizza versions.  My friend the  Count had actually been part of a family owned pizza operation so had quite a bit of pizza dough experience.  Our newest guest, the guy from Brooklyn wanted to try this Neapolitan style dough which we all really liked.

The Yoder worked adequately but I think I left a piece in it (a heat diffuser) that I should have taken out for the high heat because it did not burn clean and we had a lot of sooty smoke.  That affected how the pizza looked but not its taste.  It is way easier to work with this than the indoor oven because you have access from three sides instead of one which makes it way easier to manage putting the pizzas on and taking them off.  I will need to do another experiment before I try to use it for Xmas.

A sample of the output



alexis said...

looks like a fun evening!

Tom P said...

Fun night!!! Great tasting pizza!