Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Year Another Family Fiesta

Last year we had the wonderful experience of having the #3 clan in Albuquerque for our International Balloon Fiesta and we had the joy of seeing it through our lovely 2-3 year old granddaughter 3.1.  This year we had that joy of sharing that experience again with the #1 clan.  Hardworking entrepreneurs, they flew in on Friday night and went back on Sunday night.

We so love taking folks to the Balloon Fiesta because no matter how much you explain it to them, the experience is so much more.  Such as:

Are We Excited About the Balloon Fiesta or What!!!

The Photographer Watching Over the Next Generation

A #1  Fiesta!


alexis said...

lol - so, next year #2 clan right?

Pulisha said...

So cool! Maybe one day we'll actually make it back to Albuquerque in time to see it. Makes me sad that my kids have never experienced it.

Bernice said...

IT is so exciting to be on the ground with the balloons all around. Glad they could be there.