Wednesday, October 1, 2014

North To Color

Wife and I decided to take a little jaunt up north to Colorado to see if we could see and photograph (that would be Wife not I) the fall colors.  Because of the cancellation of my trip to Chicago I ended up with today free so we left a day early. 

Doing research on stalking fall foliage, we found advice saying you should pick your date, then research where the colors are peaking and go there rather than pick your location first.  So we drove up to West Central part of Colorado near Gunnison. 

First Color

We were not necessarily expecting to see anything on our drive up but we managed to score a spectacular patch of trees.

We also saw things in the distance that we hope are portents for tomorrow and Friday's drives

The Unexpected

Seen on our way walking from our motel room to dinner

World Class Fries

I love fries.  I eat them in the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, everywhere.  The last place I would think to find world class fries is Gunnison Colorado.  We went to a place next to our motel, the Blue Mesa Grille, and encountered FRIES COOKED IN DUCK FAT!

Even though they were thick cut they were very crisp and stayed crisp even as they cooled.  They had great flavor from the duck fat and the accompanying chipotle mayo would make all our Dutch expats happy.  

This restaurant was a hidden gem.  We had great crab cakes (In Colorado!!!) with a lovely marinated fennel salad, a good steak, and nice drinks for a very reasonable cost.


Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Wow, that sounds like a great start to your trip!

Agent W and the Derf said...

Your trip is starting out great from the pretty fall foliage to finding that wonderful little restaurant! More good things are ahead...ENJOY!!

Bernice said...

Only you would love fries in duck fat!

alexis said...

I love chips, I am happy to trek out there next time just to confirm they are acceptable to Dutch pallets (well, Dutch adoptee pallets)