Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bonding Through Combat

One of de-I's goals for 2014 has been building deeper relationships with my grandkids.  This has been accomplished by the use of stuffed bunnies, Star War characters, sushi lunches, and Skype to name a few.  Let's add mortal combat with inflatable weaponry to that list!

When the #1 clan was here last weekend, I'd had the idea that our new backyard would be a great playground for especially the younger boys with all the stairs and levels and the castle like appearance.  Sure enough 1.2 just loved romping around the yard, especially when grandpa was willing to join in the imaginary fun.  We did all kinds of imaginary battles but they were lacking something.  So we went out to Toys R Us and I found some inflatable sword type things.  Perfect.  Too soft to do any real damage but enough for each of us to whack the bejeebers out of each of us.  Soon 1.1 was involved and we had full scale imaginary warfare going on.  Great fun.

Looking forward to when the rest of the clan comes at Christmas to take it up another notch.  Need to find some nerf quarterstaffs or the like.


Shawn said...

That is awesome, great thinking!

Pulisha said...

Sounds awesome, I need some pictures so we can start planning our strategy for December! :)

alexis said...

yes, fun for old and young alike I think

terri said...

Making great memories with those kids, you are!