Friday, August 3, 2018

Family Time Back East - Part Two, Photographic Interlude

Wife and I brought our full photographic kit with us on this trip with a mind to make sure we did some picture taking. The area where we are staying is right off of the waterfront. During a walk the day before, I saw lots of areas where I thought would be good for shots. So yesterday I went out early in the morning in hopes of catching the elusive 'early morning golden light'. I caught the early morning, but the light was intermittent as there was a lot of overcast. Nonetheless, It was good photographic practice.

The humble bungalow we are renting for the week
There are 16 of us




Special Maryland Edition of

Road open to Teeter-totters


Louise Richardson said...

The "bungalow" is huge! Glad all of you could be together!
Your photos are lovely!

alexis said...

I especially like that you have categorized the photos, since I'm a terrible photographer this may help me to try to suck less when I take over the camera.