Monday, March 5, 2018

Travel Planning Fiend!

Ah to be in one's own element. To be able to use all the skills and wiles to best advantage.

Decided this last weekend, I was going to finish up the vast majority of our reservations for our next travel extravaganza. Too early to unveil exactly where we are going but I will tell you that we will be in five countries and will have ten cities as bases. We will have our usual mix of city stays, car/driver guided touring, self-driving periods, food tours and cooking classes and photo workshops.

Absolutely the new planning process has reduced the amount of work required. We reached a consensus on what we wanted to do much quicker. We used the new resource, TourHQ, for the first time and have ended up booking three different aspects of our trip. We'll see how they all turn out and if this is a good resource for us going forward.

Our trip is going to be dominated by Airbnb stays. In two of the countries we are exclusively using Airbnb. In the other two we are doing private tours with accommodation done in conjunction with our TourHQ acquired guide. Booking all the Airbnb stays took the most amount of time. This left us with five air reservations to make, finishing negotiations on one country where we're using TourHQ, figuring out a tricky transfer where there is no easy way to get from point A to Point B, and getting various visas and pre purchased country wide passes.

I am proud to say it was all done this weekend. A few minor things to still book and we'll be ready to go. D-Day is April 24. Having all this done now means I can focus on work. In my lust to make up the funds for this trip, I've gotten a little too enthusiastic and now have a bunch of new clients. I wish I could just do the selling and get the clients and have someone else do the work 😁

All I can say is that I am ready to be out in the world and traveling again!


alexis said...

but will this visit finally quench your mutual addiction to looking at churches?

de-I said...

Daughter dear, the key word in your comment was 'addiction'. There is no quenching addictions.