Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Fish In An Ocean Of Beauty

Over a long number of years Wife and I have gradually worked on our home and yard. When we bought our home 17 years ago, we did so because of its location close to the mountains. The house was nice but not spectacular.

But Wife had a vision. No that's not right. She had a feeling. It was a feeling that there was a state of beauty that could bring joy and contentment to us. There was no plan to speak of. Just this feeling, and this commitment.

Gradually the change to the environment started. At first small changes at first like skylights and a new fireplace. Then the big, more robust ones. Adding another floor, redoing our kitchen and adding a room that connected our inside and outside. Then redoing our backyard. Each of these changes was done with Wife's eye for beauty, for enhancing our environment. Then there were little enhancements, decorating, getting pictures, certain furniture. Tweaks.

The result beauty. Beauty that surrounds us each day. Beauty that we can see of our world around us seeing the mountains and city that are our home. There is a tendency for things to become commonplace. What was once spectacular now just becomes part of the background. But being part of the background does not mean unappreciated. For us it means that all through the day you are drawn to the beauty. You go by a window and see the spectacular sunset. You eat breakfast and admire the hardscape and landscape. You open the blinds and see the mountains. You walk between rooms and catch the arrangement of the furniture the pictures, the view the sweeps from one room into another.

It's as if beauty has become the entire environment, an environment the enriches and nourishes.


Bernice said...

Does wife hire out. I could use her vision for beauty.

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

I really enjoyed seeing you and Aunt de-I in your house. You and I have very different philosophies about houses and how they are best lived in; it was great to see how wonderfully you have arranged things to suit the two of you and to add joy to your lives.

alexis said...

amen to that! we love the beauty of our flat, even those damn parakeets.