Sunday, March 4, 2018

de-I Corrupt! Fake News I Say!

We all have our bhav. In the yogic path I follow, the describe one's bhav as all the intangible aspects of your life that kind of make you, you. This would be the way you walk and talk, your mannerisms, the various things that happen over and over that are just part of who you are (think of tendencies for various things to happen that don't really make sense but just seem to happen again and again).

Part of my bhav is the on-going saga of my various electronic devices - both hardware and software - having mysterious problems. I used to get all upset about it and call tech people. But now I find when I go to Internet search any particular problem and come back with nothing, that it's just to be expected.

So when my iPhone 6s which is not that old started to have battery problems and not holding a charge, I didn't even fight it for a moment. I just went and got a new one. "Ah" I thought, "I have been a good trusty Apple user and I just backed up my phone yesterday so with the vaunted Apple fast restore program, I will have my new phone up and running in no time."

Get home. Connect the phone to the computer. Hit the button to restore...and get the error message...
                                          Your back-up is corrupted restore cannot be completed

What the bleep are you talking about? Didn't my chief of staff do a security clearance on that stupid back-up? That back-up wasn't even a part of my main team. It sure the hell shouldn't be implicating me and preventing my restore.

Unfortunately my computer was having none of this. So I have had to input again all my app passwords and account numbers. I've had to reenter my calendar (which wasn't so bad since there wasn't much on it going forward. But the biggest bitch is the loss of my contacts. I won't go into the whole bhav related problem of being on a MAC desktop Outlook system and trying to synch with an iPhone but there is no easy way to do it.

It seems like the world has bigger issues to deal with than going after some two-bit corrupt back-up.


Bernice said...

In my experience most computer or phone problems are to do operator error. I am not saying that is true in your case. Hope it doesn't take too much time to re-enter all the info.

alexis said...

oh no, I am sorry to hear this dad! That is sucky! It is surprising how everyone thinks technology is amazing, and it is. But the outlier problems reveal how fragile and narrowly the problems are that it solves. It makes me appreciate the intricacy and complexity of our planet.

Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

You are handling this with your customary good humor (at least publicly:) bit it sounds quite frustrating.