Saturday, December 9, 2017

Visit To A Magical Kingdom

A powerful Wizardess contemplates
A birthday
A perfect time to bring his energy to us

I will call forth my minions and we shall together bring him to us
"Come to me Oswaldo!"
 "Yes, great Wizardess"
"Come to me Minnieo"
"What is your bidding great Wizardess?"

"We shall go forth and bring this one to us"
"Delightful Great One!"
"I shall go forth in my powerful sleigh in joy of the hunt"

"Now we must call upon our army of a stroller soldiers"
"In there hundreds"

"And their thousands"

"And of course we have our secret agent"
"What would you have me do Great Wizardess?"
"Pin him down. Project him to our magical kingdom"
"It will be done"

I toss. I turn. The world is spinning around me

There is a vision
A vision of a Great Rodent Deity
Finally the world starts to stop spinning

Where am I?
In some strange land for sure
Must think of how to survive
Ah blend in
Become one of the multitude
Now observe
What a topsy turvy world this is
All seem to do their devotions by the practice of standing in line
Lines upon lines upon lines
And giving giving monetary devotion at every turn to the Great Rodent Deity

ARG Cute...too much Cute

What kind of place has a 'birthday salad'?
What kind of place offers restaurant reservations that give you the right to wait 40 minutes until there is an opening?
"If you didn't have a reservations, you wouldn't even be allowed to wait! Bwahahahahahaha!

What alternative? What alternative?
Eating in the blast cooler!
Of course!
Trying to light a candle in the gale

To the birthday devotional offering to the Rodent Deity

I am fighting too hard
Must let myself become one with the magic

Ah a Princess!
(Actual conversation that took place with some minor changes)

"Hello, you are a Princess
I am 70 today and feel being with a Princess would be just the ticket"
"Sir. I am a married woman!"
"Not a problem. I AM A MARRIED MAN"
"Well then let us go forth and give homage to the Great Rodent Deity with standing in long lines and paying through the nose for everything and anything"



Renee Michelle Goertzen said...

Better you than me! I'll have to hope I never catch the eye of a wizardress.

alexis said...

sounds like you had a .... time. Crazy about the resto reservations, not something I think would draw me to the park. But I also hate roller coasters they make me sick.

Tom P said...

The Great Rodent Deity!